3D Checkers Game

Now Available: 3D Checkers for Amazon Fire TV!

3D Checkers Screenshot

If you like games of strategy, you'll enjoy playing Checkers on your TV. Have fun playing against a friend or family member, or you can play against the computer at one of 3 difficulty levels.

3D Checkers is available now on Amazon Fire TV.

Product Features

  • Save snapshots of your game so you can load and play from that point again in the future.
  • Edit the pieces in each position of the board to customize how they are laid about before playing.
  • View the move history in standard Checkers notation.
  • Compare high scores between yourself and your friends.
  • Supports playing multiple variants of Checkers, including American Checkers, Kings Corner, and Fox and Hounds.
  • You can even watch as the computer plays itself.

You can watch a quick gameplay video trailer.